Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Local Gossip and Other Not Very Important Things

No one talks about the roads, the clock, or the elections these days. Mostly we talk about the wind.

Incredible March winds have been blowing at over 25 knots all day and night this week. Huge waves crash on the reef and smaller ones break on the shore – threatening retaining walls, piers and beaches. I think the wind is simply a reminder that Hurricane Season starts in a few months. It's much more dramatic than this photo.

On the other hand, it's perfect weather to sunbathe, read, sail, kite surf, go on an inland adventure, or simply stare at the reef.

If you feel like shopping, the clock in the center of town is complete – it will remain in the center of the main street blocking traffic and proclaiming the wrong and different time on each of its four clocks. The elections are over – all the candidates in favor of moving the clock were defeated; but, a few independent thinking men (no women) got elected to the Town Council. We'll see what they do or change in the next few months. Some of us have long lists……….

For now, most people just hope the wind dies down soon.