Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"What part of the iguana do you like, Miss Julie?"

I was walking in the middle of a narrow stream on the edge of a tropical forest with a group of brothers who had been hunting iguana.  They'd been successful and wanted to share.  After I stopped laughing, I told them they could have my portion. 

People eat the strangest things here.  Strange, to me - not to them.  When I first went to a fish market, the vendor teased me because I said I didn't want the eyes of the snapper, nor the head. "Lone fillet?  You miss the best part, lady."

I've also been offered and eaten: cow foot soup, pea soup with pigtail, shark, and gibnut – which is also known as "the royal rat" because it was served to the queen when she was here during the last century.  

They tell me iguana taste like chicken. I still don't know what part I like best.