Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catamaran Sailing

    A few days ago, a number of San Pedro women rented the Lady Leslie, a catamaran, for an all day sail and sunset cruise. The conditions couldn't have been better – blue skies, east breeze, water and air about the same temperature – 80's.  Of course, there were refreshments on board and given the characters also on board, stories were shared. Gesturing to make a point, one very valuable camera flew overboard.  While water proof, it was also supposed to float.
   Captain Martin immediately turned the boat while his son, Jody, donned fins, mask and snorkel and held onto a rope to be towed behind the boat in order for him to capture or find the camera.  We were in shallow water- less than 10 feet. We made four passes in a very deliberate grid pattern. Another young crew member joined Jody. All the women stood on the sides of the boat as lookouts. The water was clear and the visibility excellent. We saw fish, a star fish or two, and some sea grass. The owner of the camera thanked Captain Martin and said to stop the search.  No sooner had she said that when:
   Shouts! Clapping!  Cheers! Jody dove and retrieved the camera from the bottom of the sea. The camera didn't float after all.  Needless to say, it remained tied to a wrist for the rest of the trip because the stories and laughter continued even as we watched the sun go down.
   I highly recommend the Lady Leslie, her owners and crew.