Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slow Season is the new high

It's the slow season so I'm pleased to announce that things are happening here! We have the annual Costa Maya Festival next week; we have a world famous poker player in our midst; and the Tres Pescadors Fly Fishing tournament is this weekend. But, best of all, the road in back of us is being completed.

By far, the biggest news is that Bob Bounahra, a business man of Belize City (who everyone knows because Belize is small or if they don't know him personally, they shop in one the family stores), has made the Final Table for the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. He will compete against 8 others in November. Remember we have a population of 315,000. Most small towns everywhere in the world are bigger. The entire nation will soon become even more avid texas holdém affectionados. Stay tune for November events.

The Costa Maya Festival has been the highlight of San Pedro summers for years and thousands of people love it. If you like international beauty contests combined with live entertainment – songs and comedy – this festival is for you. Nothing starts until I'm usually asleep so I've not attended (but Caye Casa is a sponsor) Apparently, it's great fun. I think it helps if you can understand jokes in Spanish.

Don't forget the Tres Pescadors tournament for fly fishermen this weekend. I think I might try to compete in the women's casting competition.

HOWEVER, the biggest news, in this slow season, is that road construction has started AGAIN to complete the paving promised years ago. This time it looks like it's going to be completed before most of the rainy season makes it impassible and before the next election.

Come visit. It's cooler here than most of North America.