Monday, July 18, 2011

Directory Assistance in Belize

We love to communicate in Belize. It's a small country with a small population. During hurricanes people are constantly calling radio stations with phone numbers for friends or seeking information about missing relatives. So, I was not at all surprised to hear a message from Mrs. Rita Smith to have her son Massive call her as soon as possible – despite the great weather we've been enjoying.

Mrs. Rita Smith is the mother of our Captain Boxter. She has four sons in Belize - two nicknamed Massive. I called Capt Boxter to give him the message. (He is constantly dropping his cell phone in the water so his number was new and Mrs. Smith didn't have it) He didn't answer because he was snorkeling with Caye Casa guests at Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

A few minutes later, however, he called. "What's my Mom's number? Someone on another boat just hailed me and said Mrs. Smith needs to get in touch with Massive; but, his cell phone has been disconnected because his mother in law used it to call her relatives in the states and ran up a huge bill."

I gave him his Mom's number. "Which number do you have for the other Massive"? I asked. "The one he gave us last time belongs to his ex-wife and they don't believe in electricity. So I doubt it will work"

"Yeah, I know; but, I think they believe in it now because she won a washing machine." Captain Boxter shouted over the sound of waves crashing on the reef. "I wonder why she wants him and not me?"

"Call her and find out. Give her Benedict's number as well." I suggested. Benedict is the fourth brother. "He lives the closest if she needs help."

When Captain Boxter returned later that day, I was anxious to find out if Mrs. Smith was okay and if she'd gotten in touch with Massive – whichever one she needed.

"Yeah, sure." He answered – acting surprised that I was worried. "She just wanted our new cell numbers."