Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The RT Honorable George Cadle Price

Yesterday, Belizeans watched as the Father of the Nation was buried and his life celebrated. All Belizeans knew him personally. The stories about him are endless, wonderful, and all are something like this – also true.

Mr. Price traveled throughout the country in his signature Land Rover as part of his continuous efforts to educate people about his dream of building an independent nation – Belize - free from British Colonialism. He needed support so he went directly to their homes.

One day in the mid 60's, he arrived in Dangriga at the home of one of his hundreds of god children. While greeting every person by name, asking about past illnesses or troubles, he was interrupted by the arrival of that god son. The boy's grandmother apologized in Creole – which sounded like a song when she spoke.

"This little boy won't go to school. He wants to stay out on the caye with his grandfather."

"We're going to need fishermen, too." Mr. Price replied.