Thursday, October 6, 2011

The rainy season

In October, when it rains on Ambergris Caye life changes – for the good and the bad. The rain cools down the ocean and it redirects the traffic.

Cooling down the ocean is a good thing because warm water encourages hurricanes and we don't want them. We've gotten horrible hurricanes in October before (i.e.Mitch) so no one relaxes despite the rain. But, redirecting traffic is another matter.

The same water that fills up 1000 gallon vats in less than an hour creates new "pot" holes as big as small trucks. Driving from one end of town to the other becomes an obstacle course and a mental challenge – do I go straight through that brown puddle or dodge along the edge? If my golf cart starts to sink, should I jump? I'll definitely need that new water to wash my muddy clothes.

Of course, that same rain turns drooping hibiscus lush while providing just the right environment for mosquitos to flourish. And then the sun comes out.