Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Construction in San Pedro

A few weeks ago, contractors working for San Pedro Town began to finish the paving of our main road connecting the bridge to the "round about" near the fire station and the rest of San Pedro. The current council had promised to complete the job as part of their election platform three years ago. I had grown convinced that they weren't going to keep their promise. (Imagine that?!)

I was very relieved to see it under construction because the rainy season has begun. After even a short tropical downpour, the road in back becomes impassable (there is no drainage system). It's like mud season in Vermont except considerably warmer. All those wishing to stay in one piece and dry – avoiding pot holes, bottomless pits, and slimy sandy mud – use the beach. Every vehicle heading for the bridge charges by Caye Casa after a rain; and while it's fun to watch golf carts pulling boats or tractors pulling hay wagons full of Beliken beer, it damages our beach. Hence, the reason I was excited about the road paving.

Unfortunately, last week the paving stopped almost as abruptly as it began - about 4 blocks from the bridge and two blocks south of us. It's unclear if the town ran out of money; if the residents in this area don't have much political clout; or, if they're just taking a break – others have lasted over 2 years. We'll see. Elections are next year. Come visit. We'll pick you up and drive you here on the new road and/or on the beach – your choice.